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I could only spend one day in the Everglades. As a first time visitor, I was, of course, focusing on taking pictures of alligators, but the Everglades are so reach with wildlife that I captured quite a few excellent images. There are countless birds, turtles, fishes and we were very lucky to even catch a glimpse of a manatee coming up for air!

Caribbean Island Hopping

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Earlier this spring, I have spent a week in the Caribbean. It was my second time on some of the islands and while I was still amazed by the vivid colors, especially the turquoise of the sea, this time I tried to look beyond that. The main gems I found this time were Gustavia on St. Barts and Grand Case on St. Martin. Both towns have this “old Caribbean” feel, with old houses, small alleys and no large hotels. 

As usual, a lot had to be left outside the frame. I wish I had more time to walk around Gustavia harbor to get the views of the luxury yachts moored there and drive around Anguilla to capture its laid-back lifestyle.

Also, here are the pictures from my previous visit to these parts:

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