Na Pali Coast

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Na Pali Coast is one of the most famous attractions on Kauai. In terms of scale, it is only about fifteen miles long, but it is remarkably isolated and pristine. 

Ancient Hawaiians lived in the valleys there, but the ridges are so rugged, the only way to get there would by by sea or  by a handful of vertiginous trails. And even in the summer, the seas could be rough. It is not uncommon for the tourists on boat tours today to get seasick and “travel by rail”, that is, bending over the rail of the boat. That fate has not escaped yours truly, and I was only able to capture a few views. 

But the views of the cliffs and valleys in the rays of the setting sun were stunning nonetheless. If many vistas on the Big Island evoked the thoghts of different planets, Na Pali Coast appeared very Earthly, but from a much earlier, primordial time. Perhaps it is why it is so popular with filmmakers, as you can recognize the scenery from the movies such as Jurassic Park, King Kong, and many others. And the challenges of accessing the land of Na Pali Coast must have required some skills from the crew! 

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